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In post 2615, HarrySchell states, "Alan, I think there was an agenda, to get a new AWB and anything else Obama, Holder and Hillary could get".

Obviously, this is the case, as usual, the anti gunners will take whatever they can get, correctly figuring that they can always come back for another bite, all bites coming out of the constitutional rights of the law abiding.

Past and ongoing fuss and furry over "assault weapons" and the banning thereof should be ;looked upon realistically, as what they are, another skirmish in the endless battle to maintain constitutional rights, no matter how much lipstick might be applied to the pig that is Gun Control.

Others here have spoken of the need to keep after our elected things, which is of course, something that needs to be done. Additionally, media contact, Letters To Editors are another thing needful of attention, though the above mentioned efforts can be discouraging.

It strikes me that should the current investigation into Operation F & F, as well as the culpability of other government agencies not be followed through on, we shall likely see something worse than recently experienced.
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