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Yugoslav contract.

I have a Yugoslav contract model.
Don't know much about these, only got this one dirt cheap in some horse trading years ago because the guy who had inherited thought something was wrong because it was marked as a 9mm but 9mm luger cartridges wouldn't fit.

The pistol is in great condition.

From what I've read the Yugoslav contract pistols were delivered without serial numbers, and were numbered by Yugoslav military inspectors after being stripped down to their component parts and carefully inspected. I guess they did not want to have to reject and replace a part then substitute a non matching number part later.

There are copies of the Browning pistols, some indistinguishable from the originals. The Brownings were a favorite in Japan and China so knock offs have shown up, usually pretty well made, though some are rough as a cob.

Some wartime P-35 pistols made for the Germans were returned to FN after the war and refurbished to be sold to European police departments. Could be some 1922 pistols were refurbed and NAZI markings polished out.
The Nazi markings on a friends P-35 were very lightly stamped. The die had been very sharp they just used a very light hand when stamping. Markings this light could disappear in a refinish. I managed to talk him out of rebluing it.

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