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In double action, I am a Colt fan, but for SAA, I have a couple Uberti Cattleman 45LC revolvers I really like. I run the Cattleman hot; 1225 fps 4.5" barrel 250 gr XTP.

I have had a Ruger Blackhawk for 5 years and only fired one shot. Not ergonomic if the hammer cuts into the web of my hand with big recoil. If I take it apart and cut off the sharp corners, I may shoot it again.
The word 'forum" does not mean "not criticizing books."
"Ad hominem fallacy" is not the same as point by point criticism of books. If you bought the book, and believe it all, it may FEEL like an ad hominem attack, but you might strive to accept other points of view may exist.
Are we a nation of competing ideas, or a nation of forced conformity of thought?
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