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My take on the 380 vs 9mm debate is that if you successfully used a 9mm to stop an attack that means you were on the money with shot placement. You would have been just as successful with a 380.
^^^ This is exactly my outlook on it as well.

When I first started shooting and getting into gun's I thought I needed the most powerful round I could fit into a small package. My first carry gun was a S&W model 60 in .357. As I continued to learn more about firearms I realized caliber isn't as important as people chalk it up to be. I worry more about getting some trigger time from week to week and practicing with my carry guns than I do about which round I carry. I no longer own the .357 and alternate between 9mm, .38 special, and .380. Don't listen to all the internet hype about which round is better than the other, .380 is plenty good as a SD round and those who say otherwise are ignorant to the damage any firearm can cause. Sure 9mm is better than .380, but so is .44 mag, and 10mm and etc... For as many advantages the internet has, it has just as many disadvantages, and armchair commandos talking down on the .380 because it isn't as powerful a round as their .45 is one of them.

I thought Bond carried a Walther PPK in .32 ACP in most of his movies after being forced to surrender his Beretta .25.
Yup your right it was .32 not .380. I believe Q said something to the likes of getting shot with it was like a brick going through a pane glass window

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