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Thanks Jim and Miykeal and others. Helpful stuff

Marco- "Your logic indicates inexperience, read much more" -not so helpful. I have about 3 years experience shooting. 1 year reloading and am fairly adept with dynamics regarding powders and casings. Bullets, not so much yet. Hence my posting. Sometimes its a bit counterproductive to state the obvious. Thanks anyway. Ive never hunted but thought it would be good to have a load in case I decided to start.

Jim, Miykeal, What do you think about the Hornady 165 SST's. I found that 44gr Varget to grouped at .625" ! whaaa? That was unexpected. But That was only one group to compare powder charges accuracy. I haven't done more to get an average. Probably a higher average. But still. Ill have to play with them further to evaluate how different point of impact is compared to my SMK or A-max load (both are very very close to each other)

If I was to hunt it would be on smaller white tail and the pesky wild boar population we have around in my area. My whole region is heavily wooded. Its rare to find an open shot of more than 300 yards thats just not cleared farm land.

Truth is my rifle is picky. It will throw rounds as far as 2" spread sometimes until u find the right load but when u do its pretty. Ive heard the VTR is bullet picky....I would confirm that. Ive tried many others like Noslers and Speers and didnt shoot worth a darn. It will shot the 150gr federal walmart junk at right about 1MOA. Not bad. In fact Ive got a couple of boxes sitting back for hunting use if I decide to. But wanted something heavier for that crazy boar hide.
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