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You are talking Buckskinner "Stuff"

I make many things. But I don't use plastic for my ml accessories. Usually, antler, horn, bone, leather, wood, etc.
1) I take old leather purses and coats make my own "Ball-Bags" and possibles bags..
2) Old wide belts turn into knife shieths.
3) Nipple picks out of plastic flower stems.
4) Powder measures out of horn tips and antler.
5) Horn spout leather ball bags.
6) Short starts, etched ramrods and of course, loading blocks.
7) Powder horrns from scratch, including boiling the maggots out of fresh horns.
8) Patch knives out of very old kitchen knives.
9) I use to do bead work but after seeing what the pros do, gave it up.
10) Leather slings for SidLocks.
11) Whatever comes up next but nothing for InLines!! .....

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