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The OP didn't elude to whether he was wanting to change the grip angle via the adapter or not... that was another participant in this thread. Anyways, after purchasing my first Glock, a 19, I was on the range and going to town on the paper. I thought the discomfort I felt in the webbing between my index finger and thumb was just getting used to the pistol. I looked down at my hand and I was actually bleeding and had a small chunk of my flesh on the back lower corner of the slide. It seemed a little fold or flap, for lack of a better term, of skin would creep up over the lip of the grip and get hit by the slide. A fellow next to me noticed me and thought I was experiencing malfunctions as I was constantly stopping and looking at my hand. He showed me a little grip adjustment and from then on I have been bite free.

I even went as far as to research it in the internet and came across a YouTube video of a fellow with the exact same problem. So it seems the problem does exist, albeit in extremely small numbers. I do not have freakishly large hands nor am I morbidly obese to where the entire grip disappears in rolls of fat.
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