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Remington 700 NIB, What to do Before Firing?

Hi all. Thank you for having me on your board. My name is Steve.

I just bought a Remington 700 ADL and it is in the box. I am looking for suggestions as to what I should do prior to firing.

I am familiar with taking down shotguns, cleaning, lubing and reassembling but my 870s and sx3 seem more forgiving than what the 700 manual suggests.
Basicall, I just don't want to damage anything and read a lost of "opinions on the web...

So, let me lay out what I think I need to do and you guys can beat the newbie up and teach him the though love way:

1. Field strip the gun.
2. Spray the Barrel with Remoil, let it drip, soak and wipe off the factory/display filth.
3. Spray it again with Remoil and wipe it leaving an nice thin coat like my shotguns.
4. The stock is synthetic... wipe it with a damp cloth?
5. Service the trigger and receiver group as laid out in the manual OR just leave it for now? On a semi auto shotgun I would leave it out of the box, on an 870 I would clean/lube it.
6. Lube the bolt like this:
7. Re-assemble and decide if I should do the serious break in 3 shot clean repeat procedure or not.
8. Try to adjust the x-mark trigger and see if I like it.

Am I missing things or doing them wrong? Your help means a lot to me. This is the first large bore I have bought myself new and I just want to make sure I don't do anything stupid. I have two bokes of Rem Corelokt 180gr to zero it in with this weekend.

thanks again all.
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