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De-Resonator .260 Rem Ruger M77

I have used the Ruger .260 Rem M77 on my Whitetail Hunts in the southeast and the northwest satisfactorily but when sighting in at 100 yards every season my groups have always been 4 -5 inches spread five shots using a 140 grain bullet at factory velocity. So I sold it to my friend who had read about the .260 Rem and was inspired, but could not get the rifle to group much better than I had. Then on an outing to the range I offered to let him use a device by Limb Saver I had purchased to see if it worked on one of my 30-06 Rifles. Amazingly his group for a three shot sequence went from 4-5 inches to 2-3 inches. He still has the De-Resonator on his barrell. is offline  
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