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Originally Posted by 5R milspec
no matter to what barrel length or Case Over All Length I put into QL its just to HOT OF A LOAD FOR MY TASTE
QL doesn't do so hot with straight (or nearly so) cases so I wouldn't put a lot of stock in the pressure prediction.

Using the data from Vihtavouri, QL thinks that load generates 45,880psi and still doesn't reach the stated 1,200 fps.

However, if I increase the case capacity just 5% (which I find is usually closer to real world), from 13.3gr to 13.95, the pressure drops to just 36,863psi... though the velocity drops with it.

However, going with the 4.95" barrel in the OPs Beretta rather than the 4" shown by VVH, QL predicts 1,135fps at 13.95gr H2O. If I decrease the case capacity to match the velocity reported by the OP, I'm back to 13.3gr and 45,880psi.

Anywho, the pressure is probably not quite as high as QuickLoad thinks it is but that's a load to be worked up from starting, for sure. I would guess it's almost certainly a "+P" load, maybe more.
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