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Add a good set of night sights if you desire, and shoot. Seriously though, the main reason there is such a huge aftermarket for Glocks is due to their popularity and the fact that people will buy these parts. I am not a competition shooter. I have however, known a few who shoot Glocks and do have the extended controls and aftermarket sights. That use aside, keep it stock. The Grip Force adapter... Get a 1911 if you want a beavertail. If your Glock is biting you - learn how to properly grip it. My stock guiderod, as well as many others I'm sure, has lasted thousands of rounds. If you're going to get a guidrod, get a stock replacement for a backup. A recoil buffer...? I didn't know there was one for a Glock... Why? A butt plug... I don't have a problem with them (for my Glock) I just don't use them. Hogue grip sleeve... I have two and I did use them because I WAS getting bitten by my Glock. Someone showed me what was wrong with my grip and I lost the Hogue sleeves. It is so easy to get drawn in to the aftermarket parts craze. But do yourself a huge favor - save that money, get a two year GSSF membership, wait for your purchase coupon, and get your Glock a new friend!

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