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The backup can be royal pain. I tried like heck with mine and finally gave up making it work
I have an AMT .45 Backup. After polishing the feed ramp, some other parts to smooth out the action, and replacing the recoil spring with a Wolf spring, it is extremely reliable. After about 150 rounds, continuous shooting, I would experience an occasional failure to fire where a second strike ignited the round. It didn't take long for me to figure out that when the gun gets a little dirty that's when I would experience an occasional problem. So, I just spray it with some powder solvent and the problem goes away. The gun isn't a glock and isn't meant to be shot that much without a quick cleaning.

However, if i was experiencing something like the misalignment shown in the above photos, I'd send it back - while I might be able to get the gun running ok, it would be UGLY and not something I would ever want to tackle.

My view on the AMT 45 Backup is that it has the potential to be a great little .45 DAO. It is very easy to conceal, but it is heavy.
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