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Originally Posted by HiBC
,YMCA's,public schools,etc had indoor smallbore ranges, the rifles such as Reminton 513T's,and ammo were provided by uncle Sam,and that was when,similar to CMP,you could get an M-1 Carbine for about$20,I think a Garand was what,$60?.

As a 12 year old kid without a dad around,I had access to a 50 ft indoor range,rifles,ammo,a coach,and the NRA smallbore program.JFK was president.This was in Aurora,Ill.Culturally,responsible shooting sports were quite mainstream.
See, now I'm going to be depressed all day. How far we have fallen.

In regards to the rifle, without zooming in or whatnot on the picture, that "thing" under it looks like it's holding it up, to me.... it's a shelf.
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