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Roshi & U.L. Grant: I owned a pre-owned Uberti 51 Navy conversion. She had little mileage was just carried around. Over the years I fired ca. 300 rounds of CAS nitro and some 50 rounds of BP rounds through that little conversion. She had 2 easily cured issues: the factory trigger/bolt spring broke when I first disassembled her. Replaced that spring with one of these piano wire springs which took care of the 1st issue. The ejector rod was not properly adjusted, did not hit the center of the chamber. Had this same issue with a couple of other Army type Uberti "factory" conversions and Open Top replicas. But that is not really serious, you just have to know it and you can handle that.
I can confirm U.L. Grant's statement regarding the Belgian Centaures as recommended base guns for a custom conversion because of their harder steel. I had a number of them converted to shoot .44 Colt (200 grain inside lubed bullets/barrels lined to .429 dia) since 2008. They work well. 2 converted Centaure Marshals are my main match pistols in CAS activities for over a year now. They still have their factory arbor firmly seated in the frame.
After a couple of years shooting experience with modern made C&B pistols of open top type pistol from Centaure/FAUL & Uberti custom converted, and "factory" conversions from ASM and Uberti I feel comfortable shooting Centaure but not Italian based custom conversions.
In my experience the Uberti "factory" conversions are reliable shooters but they are beefed-up i. e. less esthetically pleasing compared to the custom conversions. The one ASM 1860 Richards I owned had a barrel of too soft steel: there was a "bump" in the bore where the serial number was stamped onto the underside of the barrel!
My 2 € cents.
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