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Used Miroku Mk10 sporter

Hi guys,

There's a used Miroku mk10 that's 10 years old and has fired 10 cases (5000 rounds) of trap shells in this time for sale. Pictures have been provided and the gun looks in very good nick and has had an adjustable comb installed and the forcing cones done.

Ignore the prices - it's Australia so prices are always high, but a new standard Miroku Mk10 grade 1 will cost $2500, this ones $1650 and will be about $1730 after transfers and delivery.

The current owner says its still tight but ill take that with a pinch of salt. He's not near me so apart from photos i can't actually view the gun, but ive fired the mk10 before and it's a good fit, will be perfect with the comb.

Does this sound like a good deal? Is 5000 shells (trap shells meaning 32 to 36 gram loads i assume) a lot?
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