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Remember that James Bond carried a 380, and the Israeli Mossad used 22lr as their "assassination" round, and a 380 is larger than that. As others have stated, I don't think too many folks keep a 380 as their go-to gun in the middle of the night (assuming that they own more than one gun) but for me, the 380 Ruger LCP with 6+1 rounds in a tiny, easy to conceal package is a better choice than my other "small" gun, a S&W640 with only 5 rounds. But honestly, if I decided on what to use for personal defense based upon how accurately I shoot it, I would rely on my 10-round S&W 4-inch 22lr revolver with which I am extremely accurate. But don't expect to get a definitive answer to your question here, since there is no absolutely right answer.
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