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Thanks for the opinions. I don't want a bright finish either but do want it to look clean. I have no plans to do any blueing for the steel but the rust has to go.

For the brass I may try some light brushing with some tooth polish and see what that gives me. If someone has a better product or method to recommend please chime in.

On a side note I am very pleased with the trigger. I seems to have a set trigger where you pull it a little and it clicks into place, all play disappears and it breaks from there very cleanly.

I got my questions answered here, Thanks! Now I need to get some balls or bullits for it and give it a try. I very recently got into casting so I will also get some molds. I will keep the loading down for this gun. If I want to hot-rod a firearm I mave a couple Blackhawks for that.

Have a great day!
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