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taurus 738 tcp (380) or the ruger 10/22


I can't decide which one I want plz help... there both 199.99
Get the Ruger 10/22.

The .380 acp is pretty much a .38 Special in a small compact semi auto package.
It's a step above the .32 acp and under the 9mm Luger.
Up until the last deacade, there wasn't all that much of a selection of small ".380 size" semi auto's in 9mm Luger to choose from.
That's changed and now there's quite a few 9mm's out there that are similar in size.

.380 ammunition is all sorts of crazy expensive compared to 9mm.
It's also somewhat unpleast to shoot because the guns tend to be on the small side and the .380 is a blowback action.

W/the 10/22, you'll get a whole lot mre bang for your buck.
You can shoot quite a bit while you put away money for something more substancial than a .380 - such as a sub compact 9mm.

lapetrarca53 said:
Interesting that this post comes up now. I'm considering getting a .380 for SD.
Check out the small 9mm's instead.
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