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Have I gone Glock Overboard..?

After much debate I finally gave into the Glock craze.. and I #*%# love it! what a machine..

After putting a couple hundred flawless rounds through it, I thought to myself.. "how can I make this thing any better?" It's perfect?

So I went on YouTube and watched a million product reviews. Hickock45, Nutnsomethin, and many others. After getting excited about all the high quality affordable parts that can be added, or swapped out for cheap,(most illegal in CA) I promptly went onto the internet and went to work.

-Extended Mag.Release
-Extended Slide Release
-Stainless Guide Rod Assembly
-GripForce BeaverTail Adapter
-Ghost Grip Plug
-Hogue Grip Sleeve (not sure I like the added girth)
- ?

I'm still researching sights, a recoil buffer..
Did anyone else go aftermarket internet crazy with their Glock and regret it? Or do you like the mods you made and swear by them? Any to absolutely stay away from?

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