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I'm very interested in this load. What was your starting load and OAL? You wouldn't happen to have chronographed it out of a 3" barrel as well?
Starting load was 6.3 grains OAL is 1.142" as per the VihtaVuori loading manual (Edition 6). "All my 9MM's" = Beretta M9, Beretta 92FS, Taurus PT92AF. I did not chrono it out of anything else. One thing the VV manual fails to mention is this is a compressed load from start to maximum.

That is a screamer of a 147gr round. I load my cast plinkers at 900fps. How is the recoil?
Recoil was surprisingly lower than I expected, but I have been shooting the same weight bullet above 1000fps for several years. there was not so much as a flash or fireball of any kind when shooting, and I think I can say the 3N38 powder is possibly the cleanest burning I have ever shot. The primers are just beginning to show signs of pressure at the firing pin dimple, nearly an exact duplicate of some high $$ 147 grain SD ammo, which is what I set out to duplicate.
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