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I may add one more to my list, though I am a bit hesitant. I know a lot of people have very strong feelings about Taurus (and many have never owned one). If I put something else on my list, the Taurus options may not get the vote just because they are Taurus. I've owned several Taurus handguns, mostly revolvers, and to date all of them have been good guns. Please, consider the other options on criteria other than who makes them.

I may add the S&W 386 Nightguard to my list. On the positive side, it is a 7-shot .357mag, it already has the night sight as the front sight (XS 24/7), and it is alloy so it is very lightweight for the size (24.5oz). Owning an early S&W 1911SC that has been flawless, I am quite comfortable with scandium. Unfortunately, it only has a 2.5" barrel and not a 3" so I would have to be just as careful about ammo selection as with a 2" snub (though that makes it a little shorter and more concealable). It is also a larger L-frame and not a K-frame size so it is a little bulkier than the Taurus revolvers would be. Already having the shorter barrel and not needing to be cut to 3" (should I choose to do so with the Taurus guns), and already having the night sight would make up a substantial portion of the higher premium for this gun (from what I've seen online, I could get it for a little over $800 with shipping and FFL fees, significantly more than any of the Taurus revolvers, but it would need far less work to set it up the way I want it- possibly none if I chose to keep the traditional DA/SA revolver hammer).

I also might add to my list the S&W 396 Nightguard or 396 Mountain Gun or the 2" , 22oz Taurus 445. Only 5-shots in any of these, but in the low recoiling but relatively powerful .44spl. The Taurus is their compact frame so like the Tracker it may be a bit harder to find holsters or aftermarket grips. The S&W 396's weren't made long so holsters specifically for them may be hard to find, but they are L-frame revolvers with 2.5" barrels so I assume any holster made for any other 2.5" L-frame would work, and the 386 is current and the 686 has been made with a 2.5" barrel for quite a long time now. Finding holsters for the 3" 396 Mountain Gun may be a bit tougher though.

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