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Kahr CM9 or PM9?

I am in the market for a couple types of guns. I'm probably going for a long-gun that can double as a range gun and a HD gun (a .357mag lever gun or a Ruger Mini-14), a revolver, or a small 9mm, and I'm strongly leaning towards the small 9mm. If I go with a small 9mm, the Kahr PM9 has been on my list for quite a few years now, so it is in the top 3 or 4.

I am having trouble deciding if there is enough difference between the CM9 and PM9 to justify the $270 price difference (based on MSRP) between the two.

From what I can tell, the CM9 has conventional rifling instead of polygonal rifling, you have to buy night sights separately and cannot order it with night sights direct from Kahr, and it may have a few more sharp edges.

Which way would you go (or did you go), and why?
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