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Why not ?

I'm not in law enforcement and have no desire/need to carry a full size service pistol. On top of that I don't like to dress around my carry guns so I choose to carry small. I alternate between a Ruger SR9C and a S&W 640. I find holsters add too much bulk so I go as far as to sew pockets on the insides of my pants to hold my guns. I wear it between 4-5 O'clock and its not only comfortable but even a seasoned CC or LEO cannot spot it.

In one day with the g17, I was shooting the same grouping at 50yds that I consistently shoot at 30yds with my g26.
I don't see how that is an advantage in a carry gun. Good luck trying to explain to a jury how you felt you had to eliminate the threat half a football field away.
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