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Ruger and Henry why do you torment me so?

Ah Henry, you and your beautiful, well crafted pieces of art you call Rifles. The Golden Boys, Big Boys so refined and nostalgic. And those buttery smooth actions make my heart melt~

And,Ruger, your guns range from the refined amnd beautiful, to the practical.

Your #1s to the SR556 to SP101 all cry out to me, yet I have not the money to afford you...

Has there ever been a gun that spoke to you but you knew it would be FOREVER until you could fork over the money for it? For me right now it's a Henry .22LR Lever Action and a Ruger M77/357.
'A Vote is like a Rifle; It's usefulness depends upon the character of the User.'-Theodore Roosevelt

'In a Man to Man fight, the Winner is He who has one more round in his magazine.'-Erwin Rommel
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