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RedHawk, admittedly I think I had a lemon. Its the only logical explanation. Bought it used but looked new and probably didnt even break 1000 rounds. I literally bought it because of the sticker price....I think it was like $275. My reasons for trading it back weeks later:

-Developed a small fracture in the slide on the left slide at the rail. I only ever used 115 grain JHP ball ammo at the range

-Hated the cheap plastic grip.....if you work up a little sweat the gun jumps around like a wet fish in your hand

-Trigger was hands down the worse I ever shot. Long, stiff, felt grainy.....etc

-Multiple feeding AND ejection failures

I literally traded it right back a few weeks later and lost half up front. But the part thats concerning is that I read up a bunch of reviews AFTER I bought the gun and saw a few common themes with the Sigma SWVE models. Cheap in my opinion
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