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I'm new to these forums and hope I'm putting this question in the right place. A neighbor moved recently and he gave me a a couple old 22 rifles and a slew of 22LR AMMO. I have no idea how old this stuff is and I have an adquate supply of my own newer stuff to use. I was thinking that I could donate it all to my Gun Club for use in their Junior program where they teach young kids fiearms safety, etc. There are about 3 boxes of Remington High Velocity 22LR, and two boxes of 100 High velocity Target. All in yellow plastic containers. There's also 7 or 8 boxes of 50 Remington Mohawk 22LR. Last there's a full brick of Remington 22 LR High velocity Golden Bullet. This has all got to be at least 20 to maybe 30 years old. Maybe 3000 rounds all together. Any thoughts if it would it be ok (meaning safe) to donate or should I just dispose of it ? It's been stored in a 50cal Ammo can and was stored high, dry, and cool. The cardboard boxes are clean & crisp and look brand new. I don't want to donate anything that would hurt the kids or their guns. Theres also a few boxes of pre-WW-2 22 Long (Remington & Super-X). The bullets are so old the lead is flaking off in the boxes. These I'll wipe clean & keep 'em, they look interesting. Any help is appreciated.

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