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A J-frame snubbie is not an easy revolver to start on.

Some people find even the steel frame .38spl versions to be too light for the chambering with defensive strength ammo. This can mean slower follow up shots and developing a flinch.

These guns are accurate themselves, but the short sight radius makes it harder for many shooters to shoot accurately. Just about any other gun will probably be easier.

If this is a first gun, avoid a snub. If you are experienced with guns and looking for a snub to fill a particular niche (there are few guns that CCW better, and few fit a pocket better than a lightweight snub), go for it.

If you really want a revolver, and it is your first gun (great choice to start with a revolver BTW), go with a medium frame revolver. They are simply more forgiving, and in 4" or shorter will just barely be small enough to consider carrying. Another option: get a used S&W K-frame or medium frame Taurus, and a used J-frame sized gun and for about the price of the Ruger LCR you'll have both a good range gun and HD gun with reasonable follow up shots, and a lighter and smaller gun for carry.
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