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Dave, I already have a few J-frame sized revolvers:
-A Rossi 461- a 26oz, 6-shot small framed .357mag revolver.
-A Taurus 85CH- a steel framed DAO 5-shot J-frame sized .38spl.
-A S&W 442- a "hammerless" DAO 15oz aluminum framed actual J-frame .38spl.

I don't count them as my "perfect" carry revolvers for a couple reasons:

-The light weight of the 442 makes even .38+P quite snappy and makes for slower follow up shots. The Rossi and other .357mag small framed revolvers are even worse when using magnums. The medium frame revolvers would allow me to use just about any ammo I wish while still being reasonable on recoil and follow up shot speed.

-With a 2" barrel, .38spl (the round I usually carry in these guns, as +P anyway) are notoriously spotty when it comes to expansion. There have been specialty rounds specially made for short barreled guns for a few years now, but that again limits ammo selection and I'd like more flexibility.

-A 3" or 4" barrel on the medium framed revolver has a longer sight radius, making it easier (along with the lighter recoil) to be accurate on the first (and follow up) shots.

These factors make the bigger gun my "perfect" CCW revolver for colder months, but with caveats. First, notice I keep putting "perfect" in quotes. There is no perfect gun, just one that is perfect for me, and one for you, and one for... Second, in summer months when concealment is tougher, the J-frame sized guns come into their own and are definitely the "perfect" summer carry revolvers (IMO the 442 is perfect in the pocket, while the 85 or 461 is perfect IWB).


That said, it doesn't have to be a 6-shot or 7-shot revolver (though I definitely like the extra capacity). Your post about the SP101 did just remind me that Ruger makes it with a 3" barrel (27oz) and looking at the website I see they also have a 4" barrel (29.5oz). I would like the extra round of the K-frame (or 2 rounds of the Taurus options), but I may consider the SP101 as well (and with the 3" version from the factory, I wouldn't need to have it cut down).

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