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Haven't read all the previous posts - I just want to make a couple broad statements:

All machines fail, so if you plan on keeping this gun a while it will need replacement parts - first to go under normal use would be the recoil spring after several thousand rounds. I'd shy away from import guns that do not have a strong presence in the states (that are imported by a differently named company) as replacement parts may be difficult to get. So would repairs be.

As a Home defense gun/bedside you aren't worried about concealment so full service length (4+ inches) is a good idea for the long sight radius and extra weight for follow up shots. Same with larger capacity. Consider a flashlight or night sights or both. I just have a flashlight - just $30 AA light but it's darn bright.

- just read the above posts: CZ-USA is a company that does have a strong presence here. Of course so is Beretta.

And don't forget to beef up security in general aside from the firearm. Even if it's just a sliding bolt on the bedroom door.
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