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And while you're at the range I'd suggest setting up labelled targets for each gun and keep a few groups to take home with you and examine. Being your first revolver and a short sight radius I'd expect the groups to be less pretty than you'd like (you WILL improve, don't worry). However if one gun just shoots horribly or fantastically well in comparison to the others that might help your decision. That may be a function of the ergonomics matching / not matching you, the trigger pull characteristics, or the sights that come with it.

Whatever factor you choose to give priority to is always up to you - I actually chose my last handgun because it felt better than another in my hand even though I shot better with the other gun. My current carry revolver has sights that are fast up close but difficult to make pinpoint shots at range with.

And whichever you choose, don't let yourself be overcome with buyer's remorse / doubt. Any time spent getting good with a snub nose revolver will help your fundamentals.
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