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Home made muzzleloading tools?

Any of you creative types ever make any do-it-yourself ML accessories?

Care to share? No matter how simple or complex, I'd like to hear about it.

I've made a less-than-sturdy palm saver for the ram rod by drilling a hole through 1 side of a small segment of PVC pipe with cloth stuffed in it to keep the end of the rod from scraping off slivers. Like a T handle.

I also made a fairly flimsy powder funnel. I took a clamshell plastic packaging and cut a hole in the corner. So I pour the powder into the rectangular "box" shape, then close the box, and pour it out of the corner with a hole into the measuring tube.

I used a sewing needle to clean the breech plug channel but it never quite reaches full diameter unless it's to get stuck at the eye.
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