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We, American's own public lands. I shoot on BLM or Forest service lands.

Yeh there are restrictions: Don't shoot across roads, don't near buildings, watch for live stock, etc.

But this is common sense, not an infraction on our freedoms.

We need to police our selves though or we'll lose our privilages.

There is a abandoned gravel pit about two miles from the house on BLM land.

I use steel targets I set out and pick up at distance, (up to 2000 yards), but I also throw a plastic garbage can in the truck and pick up broken glass and shot up beer cans, un-considerent people shoot and leave.

Also do the the fire hazzard I try to discourage anyone using steel bullets on public lands. We have already heard of shooters being blamed for starting fires.

True or not, steel does cause sparks, copper jackets or lead doesn't.

If we loose the freedom to shoot on public land, it will be our fault, not anyone else's.

But right now we can shoot on public lands, lets not abuse the land. I figure if I carry out more then I carry in, I've had a good day of shooting.
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