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include this selection...

Try adding:
"The .45 GAP is the answer to a question no-one (but Gaston Glock) asked."
...and I'll vote.

Seriously, I am not a fan of double-stack-anythings. Add to that, the fact that the small GAP cartridge limits the case volume...and thereby limits the choices and power levels of any GAP cartridge. There are no ".45GAP +P" or .45GAP Super" or ".452 GAP Rowland".

In the end, the GAP is a one-trick pony (very much like the .357 Sig). If you like it, buy it and enjoy. I already own pistols/revolvers in .45acp and .357 Mag--two of the more versatile rounds in existence.

I am a handloader, and as such I can make a case for some somewhat obscure rounds (let's start with 10mm, .41Mag and .45LC), but they need to bring something to the table.

IMHO, neither the .45GAP or the .357 Sig do.

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