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Here's what I've got on your Python.

First, it's not a Python Elite.
The Python Elite's were the very last Pythons made in the mid to late 1990's just before the Python was discontinued.
These models were stamped on the barrel "PYTHON ELITE".

In the mid-1990's Colt didn't have enough qualified workers to build the Python as a regular production model so they moved production into the Colt Custom Shop.
To mark the move, Colt added the "Elite" marking to the barrel. These were exactly like the older Pythons with the Elite marking being the only difference.

V21*** was made in 1978. The "V" serial number prefix series began that year and started at V01001. 1979 started at V36737.

The grips are not original to the gun, since these grips were only available on the last Pythons made in the mid to late 1990's.
These grips were available in various colors of laminated woods and "bonded" ivory, with gold or silver Colt medallions or with no medallions.
You can still buy them for $85.00:

It's unlikely your Python was a Custom Shop gun since Custom Shop models are typically engraved or have special features like Target sights or a trigger job, special engraving, etc.
However, Custom Shop guns that have had a special order trigger job don't have any special markings. Only a Colt Archive letter will tell the fine details.

That's a fine example of a classic Python.
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