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Neither accuracy nor reliability fall under ballistics.

Initial muzzle velocity is of importance for long range shots. The quicker a bullet gets to its target, the less time gravity and wind have to act on that bullet. Gravity is constant, wind isn't.

Bob Wright

I never said accuracy fell under ballistics. I just said "to me, accuracy trumps 'em both" in reply to the question posed by the OP.

In a defensive rd for a handgun which is more important to consider....muzzle velocity or muzzle energy?
Virtually any ammo designed for SD will have appropriate velocity and energy if one hits the BG where it counts. All that velocity and energy produced by magic bullets don't mean a thing if you miss or just wing em. This is why I consider accuracy first. Others opinions may differ. I have no problem with that. I am also in the opinion that when it comes to civilian SD ammo, long range shots don't even come into the picture, much less be of any concern. I mean, at civilian SD ranges, who in their right mind would worry about gravity and wind unless one was throwing a paper airplane at the BG?
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