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I disagree with USMCgrunt,

The Swedisk_K and the M76 were not on-in-the-same....
I have used both, and the M3A1...
The metal in the M76 was not good, after fireing it the threads of the barrel and receiver tended to malform making it near impossible to unscrew
the barrel out of the receiver.

The M3A1 I picked up at USMC Camp Carrol, it was greatly handicaped
by its slow rate of fire, maybe it meeded new recoil springs.

If I had a choice of the three SMGs, I would pick the Swedish-K
in a heart-beat. In Viet~Nam 9mmPara was hard to come by. So I
picked The old M3A1(Greasegun- .45cal. acp)

USMCgrunt...were you in Nam? I worked along the DMZ as a Target
Acquisition Spec for Field Artillery. Worked from the coast to just short of
Khe Sanh. Was there from 02APR,1969 tp 20OCT,1970

S&W screwed up the M-76 about like congress screwed up the war,
...with those soft metal threads

Semper Fi
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