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Sooo back to my original point.

DOJ oversaw / ran this Op. at a District level and someone in the top three tiers (D.C.) knew about it and let it go on; at least that is what I get from the Report.

State Dept. "Left the room" when it was discussed; aka they "didn't want to know". By extension, the POTUS "was not informed and if so it was cursory and much later on. Again this is what the report leads us to believe.

Mexico wasn't informed; see State Dept.

No POTUS and no State Dept. = ITAR violations at the minimum. Mexico can also bring up various treaty violations depending on what we have signed with them directly as well as anything we are joint signatories on with the UN.

If State Dept. wanted to be "left out" as has been reported, then we have officials that were derelict in duty. So we get to clear some folks out of State as well as DOJ, BATFE, and possibly others.

So who will Obama's Olli North be?
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