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Have looked into some local training to learn; might have to do some traveling to do better schools however.
You say you're in "SE Tennessee." You'd have to drive over the westerly side of the state, but Tennessee has two excellent training facilities:

1. Rangemaster in Memphis, TN. (

2. Tactical Response in Camden, TN. (

Reading those books is good. But as you are no doubt aware, that's not anywhere close to a substitute for solid, hands-on training that will include top-tier mindset lectures.

If you are able to travel farther, your could look at the previously mentioned Gunsite, Ayoob's MAG-40 class and/or Clint Smith's world-renowned Thunder Ranch (Oregon).

I have attended all of the classes mentioned thus far (except Gunsite 250), plus quite a few more. I will suggest that, for a "first class," you can't do any better than Tom Givens ("Combative Pistol" class at Rangemaster) or James Yeager ("Fighting Pistol" class at Tactical Response). These are two-day classes where you'll shoot 600-900 rounds of ammo. Cost is ~ $400 for these courses (quite a bit less than Ayoob's MAG-40 or Clint's defensive pistol class.
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