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Jim got it....

Jimro's right on this one. brokenanew, I was in the same boat, starting with 168 Amax's for my previous .308s then switching to 175 SMKs. Now I'm going back to the Amax's as I think they shot better for me.

I researched using target bullets for hunting too, because accuracy makes sense. But as Jimro said,
fragmentation leads to blood shot meat
Target bullets fragment, great for snipers/varmint/pest control, but not for useable meat. Unless your planning on consistent head/neck shots on deer, you'd be better off with proper hunting bullets. Berger claims their VLD's are good for hunting, but it's the same problem of fragmentation. A fragmenting bullet will cause more bleeding, but also more spoiled meat.

I've found the perfect load for my setup (Savage Precision Carbine) with the Barnes LRX 175gn (.4-.7 MOA). With 42.5gn IMR 8208XBR, seated to Ogive 0.010 off the lands, this is good for 2655fps & 2739 ft/lbs. I will use that for hunting and the 168 Amaxs for target.

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