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Impulse control & discipline...low prices = crap guns

Had to share from personal experience that it took me probably 3 years to FINALLY learn that a low price sticker usually means trouble....

I have since learned to be patient, wait at least 5 days after my initial impulse at the local gun shop, and restrict myself to a certain number of firearms at a time. Right now my limit is 5 pistols and 1 rifle that I have not decided on yet....most likely a Ruger Mini 14 or a Mossberg 308. As of now I have 3 pistols in 9mm and 45acp and working up to my next pistol purchase.

Looking back, here are a few junk guns that I bought (used) completely on a whim because of an attractive sale sticker.....and eventually traded back at a net loss of nearly half. **FACE PALM**

-Taurus Millenium PRO .45 (snappy as hell, fingers kept grazing the mag release and constant feeding issues)

-Smith & Wesson SW9VE Sigma (the biggest garbage semi auto I ever bought.....even at a cost of $280!)

-Ruger P95 (horrible trigger, bulky, cycling issues due to weak spring and crappy sights)

-Kel-Tec 9mm (I dont even remember the model but it developed a stress fracture on the slide in a very short time!)

Anyone else learn the hard way like I did in the beginning? I estimate a net loss of $700 after returns, etc. Lesson learned - buy quality guns with a strong history of good standings & reputation......IGNORE THE STICKER!
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