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Originally posted by dahermit
That still does not change the fact that we'd have to have extremely high incidences of "auto lock" in order to bring the total failure rate up to a meaningful percentage. Even at a rate of 1,000 "auto locks" per year, we still wouldn't even have a 1% failure rate. Also, other issues such as the problems with lightweight magnums in K-Frames were relatively well-known before the advent of the internet and I don't see why "auto locks" would be any more prone to under-reporting than cracked forcing cones. Given that we live in the information age, I find it difficult to believe that we would be unable to find more than two documented cases out of 10,000 revolvers over a ten year period even if the issue were under-reported.

This begs the question: How many failures of the I.L. system has occured to those S&W revolvers that do not have one?
This is a classic example of reductio ad absurdum. By the same line of logic, we should ditch all our S&W's for Rugers because Rugers have ejector rods that cannot back out. The point is not that it is impossible for the ILS to malfunction, but rather that the chances of it doing so are extremely remote.
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