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I wouldn't get so caught up in price and getting the most expensive gun you can buy, go to a few shops or rent some guns and get whatever fits your hand and needs the best. There are plenty of great 9mm's that don't come close to the $1000 mark and are tack drivers. My cousin recently dropped the dough on a Sig 226, and no denying its a great gun, but he got all PO'd when I outshot him with my $400 Ruger SR9C and claimed the gun might be broken. He thought just because a Sig is top of the line it would transform him into a great shooter, and boy he was wrong. He never handled it in the store before he bought it, and it turned out that the gun isn't a good fit for him. It made him even more angry when I shot his 226 after him and put all the shots in a tight little grip on the head of the target.
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