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DNS, I can't debate your post, but I am hardpressed to believe that "nothing truly happens here".

they might say that when something happens there or when something happens to them, but stuff does happen. nearly every single community has some dirt even if you do go back some decades. the saying is flawed for people to say that too. the truth is it can happen to them. many many crimes are completely and totally random bad luck. basically, you just won the lottery but you're not getting an annuity "in cold blood" movie/book/true story just one of ten million examples. we're all going to the same place it is just a matter of when and how: murder, palne crash, car crash, accidental shooting, heart attack, frozen cybergenics(spelling, and so-on

PS- you quoted my ramblin line so I sortof followed it up in this post

all the best
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