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another to muddy the waters...

back when I was going to buy only one revolver & borrow what I needed from my FIL... I bought a 4" stainless GP-100... & I still stand by that decission even though I made it almost 20 years ago...

but if you want something fancier or different, but want a stainless gun, & this is something you plan to shoot alot ( & why not )

look at a polished stainless Ruger Montado in 357... they are very popular with the CAS croud, & for good reason... the gun is really as nice as any being produced today, it's solid, & the polished finish is more user friendly ( if you get any of the bead blasted or satin finish stainless guns, & get a nick, or holster wear blemish, it's nearly impossible to remove that & match the factory finish... if you have a polished stainless Ruger, a little polish compound, & the gun will look like new )... the single action trigger is smooth, & with a little practice, you can shoot everybit as fast as with a do8uble action trigger ( just watch some of those CAS guys shoot ) I started playing that game, & while a newbie, my shooting speed has increased alot over my double action regular practice
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