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The ejecton of a round from the CZ 527 bolt requires that the bolt is pulled all the way back to the stop to eject the cartridge.

That is the "extra added feature" that comes with a Control Feed bolt. The cartridge remains frimly seated in the extractor until the bolt reaches the rear of its travel.

I won't tell you the number of times that friends who shoot my CZ have wound up with a cartridge still hanging in the bolt because they don't complete the bolt cycle.

Pulling the bolt all the way pops the cartridge out smartly.

I don't notice a particularly stiff closure when chambering a round from the magazine with my CZ 527 .223. It does take a bit more effort with a round in the chamber but that is normal with every rifle caliber that I shoot.
It is the same with my CZ 550 .30-06.
Of my multiple rifles, only the two CZs have a full control feed mechanism and they both eject only when the bolt is completely cycled. You can't short cycle a CZ action.

As for added effort in closing the bolt with a cartridge being loaded, my Remington 700 seems to add the most effort with a cartridge being loaded. My Winchester Model 70 is incredibly smooth with or without a cartridge.
My Savage .308 takes effort somewhere in between.
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