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About a year ago,,,

About a year ago,,,
American Rifleman did a test of several AR style rimfire rifles.

The Mossberg was one of the rifles they reviewed.

Naturally they gushed pages and pages over the mainstream brands,,,
The review of the Mossberg was a very short and terse one,,,
But the gist was they couldn't find anything bad to say.

They had to admit their accuracy results were on a par with,,,
Or better than rifles costing three times as much.

The mossberg tactical is built on their 702 Plinkster action,,,
Again, that rifle always gets mediocre reviews,,,
But never an outright bad review.

I've owned a 702 Plinkster now for about 3 1/2 years,,,
I run Federal Bulk Pack from Wal Mart through it,,,
It just keeps firing and hasn't jammed yet.

I'm going to predict a good experience with your new rifle.

Let us know how it runs for you,,,
And a few pics would be nice.


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