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From John:

"Energy does not do the damage either in handguns or rifles, the bullet does the damage in both."

Without kinetic energy, the bullet does not move and therefore it does no damage. Only moving projectiles can cause damage, and therefore it's not possible to dismiss kinetic energy as a factor in the damage caused by moving projectiles.
You seem to have deliberately obscured the point through selective quotations, that or you attribute mystical properties to energy.

The sentence you quote from me in no way dismissed kinetic energy. But it seems you missed that and it may be because you tend to treat kinetic energy as a force distinct and apart from the moving bullet. Odd because you correctly say..."only moving projectiles can cause damage" which is correct and a point I made. It is the bullet that does the damage. The amount of kinetic energy that the bullet possesses is a factor in how much damage.

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