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How much Goex can you fit in your 45 colt load?

I loaded up 100 new, unfired cases of 45 colt (starline brass) with Goex Cartridge under the Lee 255gr RNFP. Everything I've read on the www indicates that most folks can get up to 40 grains of BP into a 45 colt case. I charged my new starline brass with 30 grains (volume) and visually it appears that my Lee bullet will compress this about 1/16". Btw, Goex fffg filled about the same volume as the Cartridge grade. I'm going the run these thru my Uberti 1866 this weekend.

Is this particular bullet just an extra long design, or should I be able to get another 5 - 7 grains of Goex in there? I'd like to achieve the recommended dose, but don't want to over compress the charge. Any suggestions?
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