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So, you disarmed yourself and then opened the door? How did you know they were really police officers?
I disarm myself because I read more stories about cops lighting up homeowners than I do about police impersonators in full uniform knocking on doors during the day. Trust me I did not just "open" the door; i have a pretty good peep hole to see what is outside and I have a gun hidden most of the time within several pases of my front door. I know it is a risk but the name of the game is risk midigation. In my case the chances of someone kicking my front door open before I could retreat and get to a weapon are low.

The first time it was maybe 11AM or so on a Saturday. I looked through the peep hole, both were in proper uniform and looked the part. I know there are police impersonators out there but these two looked the part of a LEO. Clean cut military look.

The second time (when they were looking for the sex offender neighbor) it was two female detectivs with badges showing and two males uniformed officers. Again; everything looked right, men clean cut women very professional looking. It was 7am which was kind of odd.

Call it a fatal flaw but the village I live in does not have a very large police force. Most cops seem to have that police/ex-mil "look" about them.

I have heard from some LEO friends that "Wait while I call 911 and verify you" is not considered an inappropriate response.
I guess it depends on who is knocking on your door; if a Narc team is looking to search your home in error I don't think they will be waiting for you to verify them via 911.

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