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Why carry compact?

I am a 5'8" 176lbs man. I used to carry a subcompact xd 9mm, and a glock 26. One day my cousin brought a g17 to the field and let me shoot it. In one day with the g17, I was shooting the same grouping at 50yds that I consistently shoot at 30yds with my g26. We traded guns for the day and I carried the g17 all day. It took getting used to but was do'able. I thought about it, concealment or accuracy? Comfort or capacity? A little more research and realized I am losing some BANG from my ammo. So I traded my g26 for a g17, the subcompact for a fullsize xdm 9mm, and a 4" sp101. 357, which I carry one of the three everyday. My BUG is a 2" m85 Taurus. No one notices my "bulge" and I can carry all day. In a real situation, every advantage counts. What do you guys think?
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